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June 30, 2021

Cops Out of Care Work: Abolish the Psych Ward

This panel will discuss the history of madness in Canada and the ways in which madness continues to be policed. This panel will feature Dr. Ameil Joseph and Dr. Syrus Marcus Ware from Black Lives Matter Canada.

Part of Cops Out of Care Work: A Summer Series

This workshop series brings forward demands to radically rethink our current “care system” by centering disability justice and abolition. The pandemic has foregrounded the urgent need for reimagined care for disabled people. The mass suffering & death within institutions alongside endemic police violence demands collective efforts towards abolition and deinstitutionalization.

Through this series we bring together abolitionists, doctors, community organizers, artists and researchers to unpack the use of police, policing, prisons and cages in our current “care systems”. More importantly, we will draw upon the tools of disability justice to imagine futures where disabled people can flourish together.

We challenge police, prisons, and institutions as “inevitable and permanent feature(s) of our social lives” (Davis, 2003, p.9) and instead demand futures built on interdependence, solidarity, and wholeness.

This series of panels, Cops out of Care Work, will explore themes of carceral ableism and our way forward.