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June 15, 2021

Call for Participants: Bigger Than We 2

Bigger Than We (BTW) is a Toronto-based collective of Black LGBTQ+ artists and community activists dedicated to using various artistic forms to develop intergenerational creative experiences for members of Toronto’s Black LGBTQ+ communities with the goal of strengthening the fabric of our communities by building intergenerational bonds of understanding, friendship and solidarity.

In 2017, Bigger Than We 1 brought together the different generations of Toronto’s Black LGBTQ+ communities to share stories and learn about our history, pay homage to the ground-breaking work of our Black LGBTQ+ pioneers and celebrate the transformative work of community building over the years. Utilizing storytelling, oral history, singing, dance, poetry, ritual and spoken word, we told our history and honoured the work of community builders.

This fall, for Bigger Than We 2, the collective will be engaging the larger Black LGBTQ+ community through a hybrid (online/in-person) one-day event, with careful consideration given to adhering to COVID-19 protocols. We all want to connect, celebrate, remember and be safe. We are looking for a total of 20 community participants to contribute to the design and creation of one of three integral activities for the one-day event. As an intentional intergenerational experience, we encourage folks(18+), seniors and those in between to apply!