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August 17, 2021

Crossing Gibraltar

Hosted by Cahoots Theatre Company

Join us for a sharing of work by brilliant immigrant, refugee, and newcomer artists.

Culture is a story. Culture is made through storytelling. To change the culture is to tell a different story.

Storytellers are historians. Values, morals, ethics, and politics are often passed down through the stories we are told and share with others.

Our cultures/stories are inherently linked to the ancestral lands we come from, as well as the lands that we are on. When we are displaced and dispossessed, we are robbed of our rich histories and our abilities to recognize our connections to the land. The history of Canada and the history of Indigenous peoples is a history of violence.

Participants have been exploring:

  • Their relationship to land and Indigenous histories
  • The politics of translation and building an understanding of new political speech
  • Recognizing how displacement and dispossession show up in our bodies and our languages
  • Conversations to help articulate the complications of race and class
  • Storytelling through embodied cultural practices

Program Facilitation by Yolanda Bonnell and Shaista Latif

Featuring Parastoo Amanzadeh, Krystal Kavita Jagoo, Raj Jain, Paz Jurado, Riaz Mahmood, ماهر سنّو Maher Sinno, Tan Vu, Andile Win, Warda "Muna" Youssouf, and Mina Zaghari

Produced by Olivia Shortt


The event will be held on Zoom. The event will have closed captions by REV-AI. Attendees are asked to keep their microphones and cameras off for the duration of the event.