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July 1, 2021 - July 4, 2021

Hive 2021: Flight Paths

A collection of performances tailored just for you. Enjoy the ride!

HIVE 2021: Flight Paths is a collection of twelve micro-performances that take place digitally between you and an artist from your own home, phone, or neighbourhood. Audiences can participate from anywhere in the world.

This is a build your own adventure-style interactive journey, where each performance invites you to participate in a unique way. Sorted into four paths, audiences can experience a show by: Travel, Phone, Home, and Location.

The paths will reimagine live performance as they invite audience members to do the same. You may receive a call from a friendly group of experts who will assess a part of your life, follow a set of instructions to physically lead you down memory lane, or you may travel through your neighbourhood while imagining it as an ancient Persian myth.

Each performance is a maximum of 15 minutes, and attendees will be able to reserve spots for up to six performances per day from 2-5 PM PST. Attendees may mix-and-match shows from different paths or see all of a single path. We encourage you to take in all twelve performances over two or more days!


Door Number 9

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Please Hold

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Try Turning It On

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Past Down: Swords, Snakes, and Sacrifice

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Taken in Stride

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