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July 22, 2021

Disability Arts Week - How to Get Your Play On Stage

If you're a neurodivergent playwright, you may have asked these questions: How do I approach agents and literary managers? How do I build relationships with theaters? How do I network? How do I get my work out there? In this workshop, Dave Osmundsen, a neurodivergent playwright himself, will draw on his experience working in literary management and playwriting to provide pro-tips, advice, and methods for neurodivergent playwrights to get their work seen by theaters and agents alike.


Disability Arts Week is a celebration of artists with disabilities and their important and unique contributions to the art world. All workshops are specifically designed to be accessible to neurodiverse folks and folks with intellectual disabilities.

All are welcomed and encouraged in this space. We welcome folks of all abilities, of all life experiences, literacy levels and verbal as well as non-verbal communicators. If you don't identify as having a disability you are also welcome. Recommended for ages 13+

Please reach out with any other accommodations and access needs you may require. Email: sarah@thatzshowbiz.com