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July 31, 2021

Call For BC Artists: Our First Conversation

Hosted by Outsiders and Others

Throughout time and various cultures, a conversation pit has been a physical space that has provided a place to rest, reflect, socialize, and plan. Reaching its maximum popularity in North America during the 1970s and 80s, its prominence in public spaces has faded, but its importance in being a needed platform for idea exchange and respite has not.

Under the guidance of Yuri Arajs, Artistic Director at Outsiders and Others, and with the support of BC Culture Days, artist August Bramhoff will be curating their first on-line art exhibition. The show will be hosted at the virtual arts space theconversationpit.ca.

Entitled Our First Conversation, the exhibition theme will focus on how we see ourselves moving forward in a post-pandemic society. With the pause that was created during the Covid shutdowns, we have a limited-time opportunity to express how everyday systems we rely on should look, feel, operate-and serve. 

This call is open to residents of BC only. Works being accepted are 2D and 3D formats. Under-served artists will be given priority and are strongly encouraged to apply. No artist’s fee will be provided for participation, but artists will receive 100% of sales for their work.

Deadline to apply: July 31, 2021.


Application assistance is available upon request - please email theconversationpit@yahoo.com


Outsiders and Others

716 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC, V6A 1R5, Canada

Email: outsidersandothers@gmail.com

Outsiders and Others is a not for profit arts society with a focus on bringing non-traditional artists to the forefront. This includes outsider, folk, self-taught, visionary, intuitive, and artists with disabilities.