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July 9, 2021

VP Code Jam with Adrian Cheater and Kofi Oduro

Hosted by Video Pool Media Arts Centre

This audio/visual coding jam will allow artists and coders to collaborate and experiment with using coding to create new ideas.

After an introductory session with Adrian and Kofi artists and coders will have an intensive week of experimentation. During this time they will have access to the instructors for technical assistance and artistic guidance. Finally we will have a show and tell amongst the instructors and artists where we discuss the works in progress.

In this coding jam, participants will see how coding can be used in musical, performative and literary arts. Adrian and Kofi will give an overview of tools such as livecoding Youtube, Hydra, Inverse.website, Sonic Pi and Ruby.

Participants will see how expressive and creative code will be with the benefit of seeing how it can be used in a collaborative setting. Improvising writing and coding can lead to various outcomes, musically, visually, as well as, how to use network elements to your advantage producing work.

Along with Sonic Pi, a software synthesizer which allows anyone to create music as computer code, Ruby, a popular language for web development. Sound options will include; controlling synths, working with samples, using audio effects, and working with live loops. DJ’s, musicians, installation artists, and anyone who wants or likes to play with synthesized audio will find these powerful tools for creative expression.


This event includes auto closed captioning.


Video Pool Media Arts Centre

300 – 100 Arthur Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3B 1H3, Canada

Email: info@videopool.org

Video Pool Media Arts Centre aims to inspire curiosity and creative expression through technological empowerment and open exploration in all media art forms, cultivating experimental artistic practices and accessibility to technology through presentation, production, preservation, and education. We house the largest collection of prairie video art in Canada, present work at the intersection of technology and art in our Poolside Gallery, and The Output, our A/V performance and rehearsal venue, provides new opportunities for performance based work. VP is Manitoba’s only artist-run centre dedicated to the exploration of technology-based art.