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July 23, 2021

Call for Applications: Virtual Summer Abroad Residency

Centre for Art Tapes (CFAT) is seeking submissions from Nova Scotian artists to participate in our Virtual Summer Abroad. Since the Spring of 2020, international travel has seemed like an impossible dream - an international artist residency?! Forget it! CFAT is here to give you that summer abroad feeling from right here in your local media art centre.

From August 1st to September 30th, CFAT will welcome one artist to have unlimited access to our studios to create new work. The work must be ‘media art’. This may include VR, electronics, video, audio, projection mapping, etc. If you’re curious about what we can technically support, feel free to follow this link (https://www.cfat.ca/production) for more information on our facilities or reach out to Seamus Gallagher at production@cfat.ca with any equipment related questions.

Throughout the residency, the selected artist will meet with six prestigious curators from various locations around the globe. They are: Alvin Li, Sarah Ayers, Daria de Beauvais, Pau Waelder, Jo Minhinnett. We will be posting more about each curator in the coming weeks!

Meetings via Zoom and will take place whenever is convenient for both artist and curator. The artist will send their work ahead of time and they’ll be given an hour to discuss with the curator. The selected artist will be paid a $2000 residency fee.

The residency will end with a solo show at Patch and Remington, curated by Sarah Ayers, located in their main gallery in Marcellus, Michigan with the option of use of the corresponding sister space in Detroit. The exhibition will run for the entire month of November 2021. This exhibition can consist of existing work or work made during the residency. The artist will be paid $500 for this exhibition. Since it is unlikely that the artist will be able to travel with their work, projects that have simple shipment needs would be greatly appreciated.

The ideal candidate should have a significant body of work to discuss. This residency does not come with any technical assistance or education, so the artist should already be well versed in the technologies required for their projects. The residency must physically take place at CFAT’s location at 2238 Maitland st, only local artists or artists with temporary Nova Scotian residency will be considered. 


The main entrance at 2238 Maitland St is ground level and accessible.