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August 3, 2021 - August 22, 2021

The Magic Hour

The Magic Hour is an immersive, walk-through, theatrical experience; a light-charged story of finding beauty in small moments and possibility within domestic isolation.

Guided by rich audio, video, lighting and stagecraft, The Magic Hour invites audiences on an individual, room-by-room exploration of familiar, yet transformed spaces, blending art, design, music and text in a multi-layer mixed-media feast for the senses.

The destination of this curious and magical journey is a reflection on an unprecedented year – and a step forward into a brave new world. 


The Magic Hour is a walk-through event that includes three short flights of stairs. As such, it may not be accessible to individuals who use mobility devices. Audio and recorded spoken word feature heavily in the show and are not captioned within the experience. Visual elements are often not described. To discuss opportunities for access to the content, please contact sindy@electriccompanytheatre.com.