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September 28, 2021

Financial Literacy for Independent Artists

Hosted by Generator

If you’re a freelancer who files your taxes as a self-employed person/sole proprietor, this is the stream for you! We’ll cover tax-deductible expenses, invoicing, incorporation, and when to register for an HST number.

From budgeting basics to HST, this program uses theory and practical tools to teach the fundamentals of financial management for creatives. Over 14 hours of training with Generator, you’ll develop skills in financial planning and basic project accounting, build a financial system specific to your capacity and needs, and gain the confidence to expand those systems as your career grows over time. 

The program is taught by Kristina Lemieux, Audrey Quinn, and Natasha Mytnowych. Instructors will be available for thirty minutes before each class to answer any questions. In addition, all participants will have access to four hours of one-on-one financial coaching, and monthly drop-in Financial Joy office hours (September-June). 

Financial Literacy will be delivered over Zoom in 2021. Access to Google Sheets and/or Microsoft Excel is required. 


Questions? Email info@generatorto.com.



Unit 204, 427 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON, M5S 1X7, Canada

Email: info@generatorTO.com

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