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August 31, 2021

Collective Margins: Activating Inclusion Within Emerging Digital Landscapes

This anthropological research explores the ways that individuals and institutions articulate activism and how their orientation towards disability, accessibility, and self-advocacy influences the ways that people enact activist work and social change within digital and physical environments. Because accessibility is one component that defines how people interact within digital spaces, it is important to gain insights into how disability activists, organizations, self-advocates, and their allies are working together to improve digital accessibility. In response to this reality, combined with political developments of new accessibility legislation in Canada and the global realities of COVID-19, this anthropological project aims to understand how digital environments can be better designed so that users can equitably participate, build community, and share knowledge within virtual spaces. The insights and experiences from participants is essential in identifying the resources, tools, and mechanisms through which digital spaces can become more accessible.

You will receive a $25 (CAD) digital Amazon gift card upon completion of your participation in this research project. 


If you have any questions, please contact the graduate researcher, Madelaine Lekei at mlekei@student.ubc.ca.