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August 19, 2021

Community Membership Coordinator

The Indigenous Curatorial Collective (ICCA) is an Indigenous run and led non-profit organization that aims to support and connect fellow Indigenous curators, artists, writers, academics, and professionals through various methods of gathering. The ICCA engages in critical discourses, increases professional opportunities for our members, develops programming, and most importantly works to build reciprocal relationships with Indigenous curators, artists, communities and the institutions we engage with. The ICCA is invested in initiatives that influence a more equitable, accessible, and inclusive arts sector for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour working in the arts.

The Community Membership Coordinator internship position will work to develop outreach and communications initiatives and will participate in program activities that see the promotion and celebration of the practices, histories, and events of Indigenous and Black curators. Measurable outcomes include: Networking with artists and curators where the intern will have the opportunity to develop meaningful connections; learning from their supervisor how to build and maintain a program budget for their outreach and communications activities; a thorough research report accounting the desired professional development resources/tools for emerging curators; and the production of a communications project that presents the work of Indigenous and Black curators across the globe.


The ICCA is committed to providing a workplace that is inclusive and accessible to all. Should you require accommodation during this application process please let our staff know at admin@acc-cca.com.