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October 1, 2021

Call for Applications: Artist of Residence

Overview of Artist in Residency at St Andrew’s Wesley United Church: Art has often been the window to our souls. Art in all forms provides a potent language for us as human beings to explore awe, wonder, loss, love, suffering and mystery. At St Andrew’s Wesley, we feel a deep sense of gratitude to artists. Artists feed our souls and imaginations, name inequities and challenge political systems, inspire and delight, and teach us to move beyond our own experiences, beliefs and ideas. In our own way as a church, we generate and participate in art with our music, architecture, weavings, stained glass, writing, sermons, and our hosting of artistic events that aim to create and widen the sacred container of our lives. We are now launching an artist in residence program for a visual artist at our church because we want to more actively support the arts in our community and to co-create and engage both our congregation and the wider city in a dialogue around spirituality and the arts.


POC, Indigenous, LGBTQ2IA, people living with disabilities and all communities who have traditionally faced systematic barriers to access to participating in the public art space are strongly encouraged to apply.