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  • ASL Interpretation
  • Live Captions

August 19, 2021

An Artist Encounter/Rencontre d’artistes: Brian, Elizabeth, Harmanie, Shay

The Canadian Dance Assembly offers a meeting space to encounter four incredible dance artists as they embrace the places where their practises intersect and diverge. In this one-hour online space, you’ll meet Brian Solomon (Northern Kanadario/Ontario and Tkaronto/Toronto), Elizabeth Winkelaar (Odawe/Ottawa), Harmanie Rose (Coast Salish Territories/Vancouver), and facilitating artist Shay Erlich (Tkaronto/Toronto). 


This event has a flexible end time and will come to a natural finish around the listed end time. We welcome you to stay until you are able to. This is an English language event and will not be recorded – enjoy the live moment with us. American Sign Language (ASL) and CART live Human Captioning are available. This is a caregiver friendly meeting; we realize the complexities of our living situations and welcome you to show up as you need.