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September 9, 2021

Digital Connections Program

GVPTA's Digital Connections Program offers underrepresented theatre artists (specifically, Indigenous, racialized, d/Deaf and disability communities) a paid opportunity for training on effective communication and promotion of their digital or hybrid projects through online platforms and will connect them with regional, national, and international presenters. The program is free of charge to participants.

GVPTA will offer successful applicants a participation fee for this four-month program, which includes cohort-based workshops, individualized coaching, guest speakers on the performing arts industry and digital practice, and an online roundtable between artists and presenters. This program provides participants with the opportunity for peer learning, to forge connections, to gain new skills, and to learn how to effectively share and communicate their artistic work in the industry. Participating artists will get the chance to level up and access greater opportunities for the presentation of their new or in-development works. 

Artists interested in submitting an application can review the recording of an Info Session held on August 9 to learn more about the program. Application intake will open and the online application form will be available on Tuesday, August 10.

The Digital Connections Program will be facilitated by Dani Fecko and Joyce Rosario.

“After a time of feeling so distant, we want to find ways to reconnect as art makers, producers and presenters. We know what has been done before, what we want to leave behind, and we are interested in investigating new ways of being together and sharing work. With the Digital Connections cohort, we are excited to co-create a generative space where participants can learn from and draw inspiration from each other.”

Application Deadline: September 9, 2021, 3:00pm PDT


Artist applicants must:

  • Be based in British Columbia;
  • Identify as one or more of the following:
    • Indigenous (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit),
    • racialized,
    • d/Deaf, and/or
    • living with a disability
  • Have a documented artistic practice with a body of work that has been professionally presented or disseminated to the public;
  • Have a performing arts or multi-disciplinary project that is digital or hybrid (the integration of digital platforms and tools are integral for a hybrid live and digital performance);
  • Have a project which has either premiered (within the past 2 years) or is in development (ie. has had some research component, workshopping, or documentation such as writing or recorded media); Please note: conceptual ideas without some development work are not eligible for this program.