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September 10, 2021

Call for Submissions: Ica Pas Artist Scholarship Award

Hosted by Workman Arts

The Ica Pas Artist Scholarship Award has been created by Barbara Pascaluta in partnership with Toronto Community Housing Revitalization Team and Workman Arts. The purpose of the scholarship is to celebrate artists who use art as a way to overcome challenges in their life. This scholarship provides artists facing systemic barriers with financial, training, and showcasing supports to further advance their artistic careers. This scholarship is inspired by the life and legacy of Ecaterina Pascaluta “Ica Pas” and prioritizes uplifting and honouring artists and the power of art to highlight and overcome injustice, challenges, and barriers.

Ecaterina Pascaluta “Ica Pas”, was born in Iași, a Moldovan region of Romania on January 28, 1931. As the 2nd youngest of 6 children, her family settled in the Romanian capital of Bucharest where she began her journey and exploration of art. Throughout her studies and practice at the Fine Arts Institute in Bucharest, Ica was inspired by many art forms, artists and cultures though her biggest inspiration was drawn from the Dada Art Movement. Ica Pas never stopped creating art in various forms until her final days at 250 Davenport. Ica was a true artist and would utilize all her available funds on art materials, books and trips to the museum. Ica immersed herself into her art to make sense of the world and overcome her internal and external struggles in the world. This award is dedicated to Ica Pas and all the other artists at 250 Davenport who fight silent battles in their overactive minds every day and use their art to overcome and make it through another day.​

This scholarship award is dedicated to supporting Toronto Community Housing Tenant artists at 250 Davenport Road in further developing and advancing their artistic practices.

Deadline for applications: September 10, 11:59 PM

To be eligible to apply applicants must:

  • Be a resident of 250 Davenport Road, Toronto Community Housing.
  • Use art to move through challenges and barriers.
  • Have an ongoing art practice.


Workman Arts

651 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON, M6K 2B2 , Canada

Workman Arts is a multidisciplinary arts organization that promotes a greater understanding of mental health and addiction issues through creation and presentation. We support artists living with mental health and addiction issues through peer-to-peer arts education, public presentations and partnerships with the broader arts community.