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October 20, 2021

VP Learning Laboratories - Creating Virtual Worlds

Hosted by Video Pool Media Arts Centre

How to make video, perform live...and beyond in the longest running virtual world.

Having spent time in and out of virtual worlds for over 20 years, this past year of relative isolation led me back in. Through this period I have realized the incredible potential for art making within user generated avatar based virtual worlds. I have been performing live sound with an exact replica of my loom built by a friend who I met in world. I've also been DJing, building immersive installations and filming short films as part of a genre of filmmaking called Machinima.

Many philosophical questions have presented themselves during 2020-21 as I have ventured into the culture of a virtual world. Through my research I believe that it will not be long that virtual worlds are widely accepted and that the ways in which people engage with art will be influenced by an immersive user generated metaverse. In this introductory hands in workshop delivered inside the virtual world, I will show people the tools available to them in Second life which can be used for making machinima, creating visual and sound installations and the basics to performing live sound in world.

Workshop instructor: Kelly Ruth


This event includes auto closed captioning.

For more information: Please contact the Education Manager at heidi@videopool.org.


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