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September 1, 2021

Job Opportunity: Producer

Obsidian Theatre is Canada’s leading culturally specific theatre company. Our threefold mission is to produce plays, to develop playwrights and to train emerging theatre professionals. Obsidian is passionately dedicated to the exploration, development, and production of the Black voice. Obsidian produces plays from a world-wide canon focusing primarily, but not exclusively, on the works of highly acclaimed Black playwrights. Obsidian provides artistic support, promoting the development of work by Black theatre makers and offering training opportunities through mentoring and apprenticeship programs for emerging Black artists.     The company was born out of a passionate sense of artistic responsibility – a responsibility to bring the Black voice, in its many artistic dialects, to Canada’s cultural forefront. Obsidian encourages Black artists to expand their vision of what they perceive, create and present to a national audience. Obsidian continues to play a prominent role in Canada’s theatrical mosaic by showcasing the work of both emerging and established Black artists. 

We are looking for a Producer to join our team, the ideal candidate will be passionate about theatre and will make producing and managing it an art form. An art form because those that do it best, place a high price on respect, attention to detail and inclusiveness. Our new Producer will stand by the company value that at Obsidian, everyone, no matter the job, has a place and voice at the table.

Deadline to apply is September 1st.