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September 10, 2021

Pro Crip Tips: How Ableism Makes Disabled People Really Feel

This event is hosted by award winning Disability Awareness Consultant Andrew Gurza, and will explore ableism, the discrimination against disabled people in favor of non-disabled people.

Through a series of slides and candid conversation, Andrew will uncover how ableism touches every single part of disabled people's lives: from everyday conversations and interactions to self-perception and sexual encounters. All facets will be explored to underscore the emotional impact of living with ableism

This class is open for disabled people to understand how ableism impacts their own emotions as disability community members, but is also open for non-disabled people to grow, learn and understand how ableism affects their lives and interactions with their disabled peers.

This course is ideal for students, professionals, caregivers and other individuals looking to better understand disability issues or how to be a better ally for disabled social justice issues.