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September 4, 2021

Sculpting with Sound: An Introductory Sound Production Workshop Facilitated by Kristel Jax

Hosted by CRIP RAVE Collective

CRIP RAVE™ Collective presents Sculpting with Sound, an introductory sound production workshop facilitated by Kristel Jax.

Do you want to explore sound from a Crip perspective?

Join us for an opportunity to engage in a discussion of sound from a Crip perspective, explore the multi-sensory nature of sound, and co-create an understanding of what it means to Crip sound. We’ll consider questions like, what is sound? Where does sound fit into our lives? How do we experience, interpret, feel, and play with sound?

Participants are invited to submit a short recording (1 - 15 seconds long) of their favourite sound or sound-making event or texture to be explored and collaged with during the workshop. We will engage with the sounds that folks submit to demonstrate the different ways that sound can be accessed and played with - highlighting that sound is not only auditory, but is tactile, visual, colourful, and emotional sculpting material.

You do not need to submit a recording to participate in the workshop. All aspects are optional.

The workshop will de-emphasize software but will also offer an introduction to some of the basic building blocks of sound, such as waveforms, vibrations, decibels, sheet music, and spectrographs.

Our aim is to offer multiple access points into this event and to facilitate a fun, open, and warm space. Participation in all parts of the workshop is optional and we encourage everyone to turn their video and audio on and off as is comfortable. 


  • The event will take place on Zoom. Participants can also join by phone/dial-in.
  • ASL- English interpretation and automated closed captioning will be provided.
  • The ASL interpreters for this event are Carmelle Cachero and Amanda Hyde.
  • Sound descriptions will appear as captions when there is music playing.
  • This event will not be video recorded, but screenshots will be taken for documentation purposes. You are welcome to keep your camera off.
  • An ‘access and participation guide’ will be emailed to registrants the day before the workshop.

Please email Renee or Stefana with any specific access needs, feedback, or questions at: crip.rave.collective@gmail.com


CRIP RAVE Collective

CRIP RAVE™ is a Toronto-based collective and event platform showcasing crip-identifying talent and prioritizing Crip, Disabled, Deaf, Mad and Sick body-minds within safer and more accessible rave spaces.