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September 21, 2021

The Artist as Artwork: Autobiographical Art, From Trauma to Resilience

Hosted by Eyelevel

For artists of all kind, writers, and creative spirits.

Eyelevel and Kinetic Studio are pleased to co-present our newest workshop, The Artist as Artwork: Autobiographical Art, From Trauma to Resilience with the incredible anti-disciplinary artist and arts embodiment educator, Ghinwa Yassine.

In this part-talk part-exercise session, participants will take a close look at the impulses that drive autobiographical works of art and the intentions behind them. Participants will delve into the process of different autobiographical and confessional artists as well as artists whose works examine collective trauma.

The works will be explored through these three lenses: RECREATING PERSONAL NARRATIVES, EXORCISING FAMILY WOUNDS, and RECLAIMING COLLECTIVE HISTORIES. One of the purposes of this workshop is to uncover the potential of autobiographical art to transform one’s narrative from TRAUMA to RESILIENCE, by allowing artists to uncover hidden memories, owning them, and transforming them into seeds for creativity.


Contact Liliona Quarmyne at director@kinetic.ca about any access needs, dietary restrictions or sensitivities.



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