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September 27, 2021

Project Coordinator - Media Arts Presenter and Touring Network

The Media Arts Network of Ontario (MANO/RAMO) was created in 2009 to provide a unified and responsive voice for Ontario’s media arts sector. MANO/RAMO continues to play an key role spearheading advocacy, professional development, networking and communications that further the profile of the media arts sector in communities across the province. 

The Media Arts Presenter and Touring Network (MAP-TN) aims to transform how Canadian media artists, organizations, and curators present work across Canada. Inspired by Book Your Own Fuckin’ Life, a DIY punk touring resource of the 1990s, MAP-TN will provide both the how to and the connection points for expanding how independent media art circulates in Canada and the economy of practitioners. The project will be developed over two years from October 2021 fostering collaboration between organizations and independent touring by artists. Following the DIY ethos of its print predecessors the platform will be expansive, open-source, and adaptable.

The MAP-TN Coordinator will work with MANO’s Executive Director and Membership and Communications Coordinator to ensure the project responds to the complexity and contradictions of the media arts across Ontario and Canada. They will coordinate the work of a technical team of web and database developers, a graphic designer, and other contractors; carry out community consultations; develop outreach activities to expand the platform; prepare project reports at main milestones; and provide ongoing leadership to the project.

The Project Coordinator Media Arts Presenter and Touring Project reports to MANO’s Executive Director and works with the support of a committee of the board and MANO membership. 


MANO is an equal opportunity employer that encourages applications from members of equity seeking communities.