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September 26, 2021

Animation Workshop Project Manager

Hosted by Toronto Queer Film Festival

Established in 2016, the Toronto Queer Film Festival (TQFF) is a a collectively-run, artist-run, nonprofit organization located in Toronto, Ontario. TQFF was formed to provide community art exhibition space for experimental, contemporary, and/or social justice themed film and video art by queer filmmakers. TQFF support’s Toronto’s LGBTQ2S+ communities by providing a unique gathering space for marginalized and precarious queer and trans people, including Indigenous people, people of color, people with disabilities, and transgender people. 

Reporting to the Lead Programmer, the Animation Workshop Project Manager is responsible for key tasks related to the launch and execution of TQFF’s upcoming workshop intensive for queer and trans animators. They will be responsible for all of the day to day organizing of the workshop, including drafting the call for participants and leading the selection committee. They will also be responsible for providing ongoing support to the workshop instructors and participants, as well as for contracts and collection of final works/deliverables. On occasion they will assist other departments, such as Operations or Communications, with tasks related to the workshop - for example, editing a press release and collecting materials from participants. 

The Animation Workshop Project Manager, like all TQFF staff, will work remotely from home.

September 26th, 2021 5 PM EST 


COVID-19 info: TQFF operates remotely and will not be holding any in person activities or events until the pandemic is no longer a public health risk and it is demonstrably safe to meet indoors again. As many on our team are disabled and/or immunocompromised, our standards for reopening and operating again in public will be stringent, and all procedures will be adopted by staff consensus. 

TQFF is an equal-opportunity employer. People with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply, and additional support for staff with disabilities is available.


Toronto Queer Film Festival

The Toronto Queer Media & Arts Centre is a nonprofit arts collective that grew out of the Toronto Queer Film Festival (TQFF), which launched in 2016 in response to an urgent need for exhibition space in Toronto for work by and about marginalized queer and trans people.