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October 20, 2021

Almost Live: K Body and Mind

Hosted by VocalEye

In 20XX, a security specialist named Kawabi wants what everyone wants: to leave behind the scars of sickness, hunger, and war… and lead a new life in a new body. She joins The Grove, an idealistic start-up with a fleet of bioengineered and shareable bodies. But when a hostile entity hacks The Grove’s network, colonizing the minds and bodies of its inhabitants, Kawabi must rescue her new home… by reckoning with a ghost of the past.

A new work of science-fiction created by Vancouver-based interdisciplinary performance collective A Wake of Vultures, led by Siminovitch Prize Protégé Conor Wylie. Originally planned as a live theatre performance, K BODY AND MIND has been re-envisioned as an episodic miniseries for viewing at home. Blending overloaded 90s anime and cyberpunk aesthetics with an off-kilter and mesmerizing minimalist performance style, K BODY AND MIND is an impossible sci-fi epic performed by two bodies in an abandoned 100-year-old theatre.

This project is close to home, involving many key members of the VocalEye team: Donna Soares performs the role of Kawabi; Amy Amantea was involved in all phases of development as content and accessibility advisor; and the audio description was voiced by Eileen Barrett and created in collaboration with Conor Wylie.

Amy will be joined by special guests, performers Jasmine Chen and Donna Soares, and writer/director/producer Conor Wylie.

The VocalEye virtual lobby opens at 6:30 pm Pacific Time for some socializing and community updates with host Amy Amantea. The pre-show introduction will begin at 6:45 pm with Amy and guests. The show begins at 7 pm with a running time of approximately 70 minutes, followed by conversation, Q and A and a prize draw. 

If you’ve never attended a VocalEye Almost Live Zoom event before, you can register for just one event or sign up for the full season. A Zoom link and reminder will be sent to you on the day of the event. 


Almost Live events are designed for people with sight loss, but everyone is welcome.



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