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September 23, 2021

Siminovitch Forum on Immersive Theatre

What are the innovations and emerging trends in immersive theatre?

Designed with conversation and networking in mind, the Siminovitch Forum is a series of events stimulating dialogue on theatre innovation. What begins as a lively panel discussion moderated by our host breaks into smaller rooms to delve deeper into the topics most relevant to your interests, and the expertise of the panellists. French simultaneous translation will be available for this English conversation. Register now, and join us in this national conversation.


Mitchell Cushman - Artistic Director, Outside the March Theatre Aaron Collier - Technical Director, HEIST Syrus Marcus Ware - Designer, Culture Leaders Lab Debbie Patterson - Artistic Director, Sick and Twisted Theatre Mercedes Bátiz-Bénet - Artistic Director, Puente Theatre


ASL interpretation will be available.