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Image: Jenine Marsh, ​​Within or beyond my means (Detail), 2021, Flowers, synthetic rubber, wire, acrylic varnish, steel.

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September 23, 2021 - November 21, 2021

You sit in a garden

Hosted by Critical Distance Centre For Curators (CDCC)

Dear visitor,

Welcome to our shrouded backyard, this garden filled with holes. It was aerated earlier: the earth turned inside out. Now it sits in small amulets across the lawn, left permeable.

_You have to know that when this garden was conceived, I had been walking barefoot on a reflexology footpath in the early morning; a circular path with stones protruding from its concrete floor. After stripping off my shoes and socks, I carefully put one foot down after the other onto the stones. They pushed back like they were trying to tell me something – offered themselves as a gift to each bone that inhabits the foot. _

I propose this space as a sensory garden; little pieces of the footpath evaporated and distilled. Each artwork here proposes a way to live, with its own ontology, and I take notes from every one. These works present the body’s overwhelming capacity for potential, both for things that propose to harm (illness, infection, disability), and those that support (health care systems, healing touches, assistive technologies). You sit in a garden sees this all become entangled with different definitions of life itself.

You sit in a garden brings together the work of Tanya Lukin Linklater, Laurie Kang, Jenine Marsh, Lila de Magalhaes, and Nona Inescu. Each included work proposes a new bodily form, movement, or way to touch, pushing for an expanded definition of what a body should be.


Critical Distance is located at Artscape Youngplace, a wheelchair accessible building with a ramp at the 180 Shaw Street doors, and an accessible washroom on every level. Gendered multi-stall washrooms are also on every level, and single-stall gender-neutral washrooms are available on levels 2 and 3. All levels are accessible via both elevator and stairs. The TTC’s 63 Ossington bus stops at Queen and Shaw and is wheelchair accessible.

All artworks in the exhibition will be captioned and have audio description where relevant. All events will have ASL interpretation. If you have any questions, please contact CDCC Education and Accessibility Programs Director Emily Cook at emily@criticaldistance.ca


Critical Distance Centre For Curators (CDCC)

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