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October 28, 2021

A Virtual Tour of A.J Brown's Artwork

Hosted by Kudoz / Curiko

Join this gathering to meet Deaf water and mixed media painter A.J Brown! She is going to guide us on an intimate tour of some pieces of personal art. We will get a chance to chat about what we see in the pieces, how they make us feel and how A.J Brown composed the works!

As a featured artist in this year's Inclusion Art Show and an artist making commissioned portraits, you might also be curious how A.J works with clients, prices her work or finds buyers!

Everyone is welcome to come connect, be curious and inspired!

More about A.J: “I first created my artwork in 1999, with art therapy. This was to help me overcome personal fears.

One of these fears was a dream that haunted me since my childhood: I’m at the bottom of a well, looking up. I see the Sesame Street puppets, with their mouths opening and closing. Because I’m deaf, I cannot understand what they say, if anything. I feel helpless and isolated.

This art therapy guided me to take certificates from Emily Carr University. The art therapy helped start me on a new path. I’m still a work in progress. Through my twisted path to here, I’ve learned I have, within me, a unique healing energy that is transmitted when I touch things and people with both hands, and even spending time together with me. It's why peopl leel good when they are with me. It comes from the Pleiades star system. This is a new healing energy to planet Earth. It is based on Reiki, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga.

This means my artworks are imbued with my unique healing energy. When someone views my artwork, something in them will shift toward the positive.

This new healing energy raised me from feeling helpless and isolated to feeling calmness and joy”.


There will be an ASL interpreter present.


Kudoz / Curiko


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