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October 16, 2021 - October 23, 2021

Spitting It Out: How To Write Frank, Engaging Reviews

Hosted by VocalEye

Learn the art of writing reviews in this 2-session, introductory workshop with professional theatre critic, Colin Thomas.

Session 1 - Sat Oct 16 from 10 am to Noon Pacific In week one of this hands-on process, we’ll dig into the nuts and bolts of critical writing, starting with the question “What should reviews do?” We’ll look at the building blocks of reviews: the lede (opening), synopsis, analysis, and conclusion. And then we’ll put some of that fresh understanding to work by watching a short film, writing ledes for our reviews of that film, and laying the groundwork for the analysis that would go into a full review. This will make for a solid two hours.

Between weeks one and two, participants will write a review of a full-length film.

Session 2 - Sat Oct 23 from 10 am to Noon Pacific In the second week, we’ll respond to and celebrate some of those reviews. We’ll also talk about how to personalize and enliven your writing by embracing the legitimacy of your own experience and worldview. We’ll address the importance of recognizing when your biases become disadvantages (and how to deal with that). And we’ll delve into the critic’s obligation to recognize and champion the potential of the art form they’re reviewing. It’ll be juicy.

Sessions will be recorded. Space is limited.


Members of the blind and partially sighted community can register for free. Additional subsidies are available for people who identify with a disability other than sight loss and for those in financial need. Please contact events@vocaleye.ca to receive your discount code.



355 East 15th Avenue, #303, Vancouver, BC, V5T 2R2, Canada

VocalEye is a non-profit society, registered charity and the first live descriptive arts service for the blind in Canada. Our mission is to provide greater access to theatre, arts and cultural events for people of all ages who are blind and partially sighted. We provide theatre companies and other arts organizations with the support necessary to make their productions and events more accessible to these audience members through live description, education, outreach and other services.