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November 15, 2021

BEING Home Online Programming

Hosted by BEING Studio

BEING Studio is a Community of artists with disabilities and we are always welcoming new artists to the BEING Home online program.

When the pandemic hit, the physical studio space closed but the staff and Artists were able to quickly pivot to online programming through Zoom calls. Since the end of March 2020 we have been meeting the artists daily to share and create and simply be there for each other.

Over the last 18 months the programming has continued to develop so that BEING artists can continue social distancing while exploring their creativity. This new programming is called Being Home. We’ve been able to welcome guest artists including Shannon Finnegan and Olivia Johnston through virtual workshops. We also participate in regularly scheduled virtual curated tours of galleries which have included the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, the Ottawa Art Gallery and National Gallery; these are customized specifically for BEING.

To improve access to Zoom calls we have presented Zoom tutorials and facilitators are always available to guide someone through technical difficulties.

BEING artists and staff have created a unique online experience that is fun, exciting and keeps us connected.


BEING Studio

304-211 Bronson Ave, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Phone number: 6132348497

Email: studio@beingstudio.ca

BEING is a diverse community of artists with developmental disabilities. At BEING, artists have access to the space, the tools, and the representation to create and commercialize their visual art and creative writing.