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October 27, 2021

The Countdown Digital Story

Hosted by Red Dress Productions / ReDefine Arts

ReDefine Arts is pleased to invite you to The Countdown Digital Story, a premiere presentation & creative writing workshop.

Wednesday, October 27, 7-9pm Via Zoom

7 to 8 pm: Watch, Listen, Learn Countdown Digital Story: an evolving online exhibition that is home to audio compositions, photos & videos collected & created since the beginning of the Countdown project in 2016. A focus on the conversations, writing, art, and relationships that grew and were generated during the whole collaborative process including the creation of a pebble mosaic public artwork unique to each community.

8 to 9 pm: Write, Share, Record Creative writing connected to the themes of cultivating a culture of care and consent will be facilitated by lead artists and participants will be invited to share and audio record their creative writings to become part of the Countdown Digital Story. 

Register by October 25th

The Countdown Public Art Project is a province-wide initiative that creates outdoor monuments in public spaces to honour survivors of gender based violence and to imagine, or count down to, a world without gender-based violence.


Live auto-captioning will be enabled for those who need it.

For any questions or assistance with registration, email info@reddressproductions.org


Red Dress Productions / ReDefine Arts

Red Dress Productions is a Toronto non-profit that creates interdisciplinary, community-engaged, public art projects.