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October 30, 2021

Love Notes To Burgeoning Bodies

The Burgeoning Bodies Project is a fat bodies liberation initiative that strives to build spaces through accessible storytelling. Utilizing written and multimedia mediums to cultivate our platform, we work to deepen understanding of historical and cultural connections of Blackness and fatness- embodied. We are dedicated to unpacking the interlockings of anti-Black racism and fatphobia to give more language to the unique experiences of being Black, women, femme and fat - along with other hyphenates in our identities. 

We will be releasing our first print collection Love Notes to Burgeoning Bodies in Spring 2022.

We are seeking written submissions from Black women and femmes in Canada on topics such as: body liberation, love and fatness, histories and geographies of Blackness & Fatness, dressing the body, sizeism and the fashion industry, letters to your younger self, mental wellness, art and the fat Black body, body shaming, fatphobia within family dynamics and more!

Genres include but are not limited to: poetry, creative non-fiction, essays, non-fiction.

Black women and femmes living in Canada are encouraged to apply. Priority will be given to fat-identified Black women and femmes between the ages of 18-29 who are from or currently based in Ontario. The selected writers will be compensated for their work. 

Deadline to submit: November 30


We are committed to making our submissions process accessible to members of our community. We welcome questions, feedback and/or support requests as we continue to evolve, build and dismantle barriers within our society. Please email contact@burgeoningbodies.com for any inquiries.