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October 25, 2021

Jewish Arts Mentorship Program

Hosted by The Segal Centre

The Segal Centre is a leading English language theatre in Montreal, and an important cultural resource for the Jewish community. Throughout its history, the Segal Centre has supported emerging artists, providing them with opportunities to develop their work and reach the next steps in their careers.

The Segal Centre’s Jewish Arts Mentorship (J.A.M.) is an initiative created to help theatre makers foster skills, gain knowledge, build artistic community and receive valuable professional networking opportunities. 

The program seeks to support emerging theatre makers of any age who are working on projects with Jewish themes or who are engaged in issues of Jewish identity. Three to four candidates are chosen per cohort.

The program includes one-on-one artistic mentorship, group discussions about Jewish identity and the arts, and final presentations by each artist. This year, J.A.M. will run for seven months (November 2021-June 2022).

Deadline to apply is October 25, 2021.


We welcome candidates of diverse backgrounds and intersectional identities. This could include but is not limited to people from racialized communities, interfaith families, LGBTQ2+, gender non-conforming and people with disabilities. We are looking for artists who are passionate about their work and enthusiastic about this mentorship opportunity!

For questions about JAM, contact Sivan Slapak at sslapak@segalcentre.org


The Segal Centre

5170 Côte-Ste-Catherine, Montreal, QC, H3W 1M7, Canada

Phone number: 514-739-2301

Email: info@segalcentre.org

The Segal Centre for Performing Arts is a not-for-profit theatre company dedicated to nurturing, producing and presenting world-class English-language theatre and to showcasing the best professional artists from Montréal and beyond. A part of the community since 1967, the organization was reborn in 2007 as the Segal and has expanded to become a nationally recognized venue for the performing arts with a focus on creation, innovation, diversity and cross-cultural collaborations. Driven by a belief in the power of the arts to strengthen and connect communities, the Segal’s programming emphasizes original interpretations of popular classic and contemporary works, new Canadian musicals and engaging productions with universal appeal.