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May 15, 2022

Call for Script Submissions

Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre is accepting script submissions from Albertan Playwrights October 20th, 2021 – May 15Th, 2022. 

Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre is committed to supporting, developing and producing the work of Albertan playwrights. 

Starting October 20th, playwrights are invited to submit plays in process for dramaturgical support. 

To be considered, the submitted script must be written for performance for the stage. We are unable to support feedback to works for television, or radio, musical productions, or other forms other than stage plays at this time. 

Workshop West is committed to supporting playwrights’ visions, from inception through to production, building relationships with writers over the long term, ensuring that development processes are uniquely designed to serve their needs. We are committed to supporting Albertan playwrights regardless of whether their work is a fit for production at WWPT. We endeavour to welcome, support, and provoke artists to courageously create, generating community and innovation.

Workshop West programmes original plays (dramas, comedies and everything in between) that investigate the problems and possibilities of our time. We seek outstanding small-cast plays (6 characters or less), which are formally or thematically original, a minimum 50 pages (35-40 pages for a monologue) and that ask bold questions about our lives in the modern world.