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November 16, 2021 - December 17, 2021

Escape From Intern Purgatory

Hosted by Eyelevel

Eyelevel is excited to present Escape From Intern Purgatory, a multi-sensory, cross-platform project by the beloved artist collective Tough Guy Mountain! Join us this month until December for a month full of an AR-compatible comic book launch, artist talk, and virtual performances!

Intern Purgatory tells stories about the first days of unpaid internship, where brands come from, and the end of capitalism. Tough Guy Mountain plays the role of an omnipotent corporation that mines intangible resources such as brands and labour as though they are commodities. The character of the unpaid intern, played by the visitors, is central to all aspects of Intern Purgatory as it represents workers who are increasingly alienated from their own labour, and the wealth that they gain for others.

Join us online to explore this project and participate in interactive performances and gameplay. 

The artists of Tough Guy Mountain will be holding a book launch for Escape from Intern Purgatory, an AR-compatible comic book! During this launch, they will also be giving an artist talk.

All of this is taking place at 2482 Maynard Street on November 18th at 6 PM 

Artist Talk/Book Launch: Nov 18 @ 6PM at 2482 Maynard Online Performances: Nov 26 & Dec 3 @ 8PM


Eyelevel will have 2 ASL Interpreters on-site during the book launch/artist talk.

For the online performances, there will be automatic closed captioning. Please reach out to us at our email director@eyelevel.art to notify us of any accessibility needs.

2482 Maynard Street is a wheelchair-accessible building. The building has visitor parking with reserved accessible parking spots. There are push-button door openers at the main entrances, and a button-operated lift to the second floor. The building has wide hallways and all doorways are a minimum of 36" wide.

2 non-gendered washrooms (one with a changing table) are located on the first floor, and 2 non-gendered washrooms without changing tables are located on the second floor. All washrooms have sharps containers, room for a wheelchair to turn, and grab bars. A quiet room is also located on the first floor. 2482 Maynard Street is a low-scent, all-ages, low-stimuli building. The second floor is not open to the public except for special events and is normally locked with keypad entry.

Eyelevel's bookstore is located on the first floor. Toddlers and young children are welcomed to touch and explore it with supervision. The bookstore is wheelchair friendly with display tables at 36" and room to pull a chair underneath. The till is mobile and there is room to turn a wheelchair 360* in the bookstore. Eyelevel's office is located on the second floor. Visitors can access our office for meetings and events by contacting Eyelevel's staff when they arrive at the building. The office has room for a wheelchair to make a 360* turn, and a 36" wide unobstructed path to and from each work station. 



2482 Maynard St, Halifax, NS, B3K 1K4, Canada

Phone number: 902 425 6412

Email: director@eyelevel.art

Eyelevel is an arts worker/artist-run organization mandated to present and support the development of socially-relevant and thought-provoking artistic practices locally, regionally and nationally. Eyelevel supports artists through residencies, mentorship, publishing and presentation outside of a traditional gallery context that is accompanied by care-oriented and trauma-informed artistic, professional and personal support. Eyelevel aims to raise public awareness and capacity of our local arts community; particularly artists and arts workers who have been historically underserved and misrepresented in the contemporary art dialogue. Eyelevel strives to be a connector between artists, communities and the broader public, to constantly question the balance of power and work against systemic oppression and discrimination by centring anti-violence and pro-survivor practices. Eyelevel works in treaty to build a more inclusive and caring world through art, and to advance positive change within the arts through its operations, policies and programming.