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December 1, 2021 - December 10, 2021

Human Rights Film Festival

Hosted by JAYU

What does it mean to give a sh*t? It means you’re fired up. It means you’re angry. But most importantly, it means you care. To give a sh*t means you won’t stand by while human rights abuses continue locally and around the globe. You want to learn more. You want to do something.

You can do something. From December 1 - 10, join us for a week of social justice focused art, film, workshops, and more. Learn about important issues. Connect with the HRFF+ community. Join the conversation. Together, we can create a better future for everyone.

This December, join us for the 10th Annual Human Rights Film Festival. 


JAYU’s Human Rights Film Festival is committed to values of inclusivity and accessibility for all guests, staff, volunteers, and artists.

If you have questions about accessibility and access needs at HRFF+, please contact us at info@jayu.ca.

This year, our festival program will include a blend of virtual and in-person events. Most events will be accessible online from the comfort of your home. If you would like to join us in person for Opening Night at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema, you can find the cinema’s accessibility information here.

In-person events will also take place at the JAYU Studio, located at 401 Richmond St. W. in suite 380. Both entrances to the building are accessible by wheelchair and lead to an elevator. All washrooms are accessible. 

Mental Health Access | Held Space We recognize that some of the content and discussions we have at HRFF+ might bring various levels of discomfort and triggering feelings. In line with a commitment to being trauma-informed, each day of the festival will have a Held Space from 6 pm - 9 pm, containing mental health resources and an active listener. On Opening Night at the Hot Docs Cinema, our active listener will have a table set up in the lobby area. 

Information about how to access Held Spaces will be available in your pre-event email.

Open Captioning  All films at HRFF+ will be screened with open captions.

American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation  We will provide ASL interpretation for all events at HRFF+, including films, performances, workshops, and talks. 

Financial Access Financial accessibility is important to us. That’s why we’ve made every event at HRFF+ free.



401 Richmond Street West, Suite 354, Toronto, ON, M5V 3A8, Canada

Phone number: 416-712-3477

Email: info@jayu.ca

JAYU is a registered Canadian charity and a leader in the space where the arts and human rights intersect. We believe strongly that the arts provide the strongest platform to share human rights stories. The arts can be used to educate, to build empathy, to heal, to forge community and to inspire the kinds of conversations necessary to reimagine a more just and equitable world. Guided by our dedicated team of staff, artists, educators and our Board of Directors, our year-round programming includes our annual Human Rights Film Festival, our iAM arts and social justice training program, The Hum Podcast and our Human Rights Screening Series.