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November 18, 2021

November RoundUp

Disability Without Poverty is a grassroots movement led by people with disabilities with room for all Canadians to join us. We want people with disabilities to be prosperous, realize our power, pursue our passions and participate in every aspect of society. The Monthly RoundUps will be a time to share stories and ideas from people with disabilities all across the country.

We hope you'll join us again for our November RoundUp, which will be showcasing Indigenous artists in honour of Indigenous Disability Awareness Month.

 This month we’ll be welcoming Christa Couture, a performing and recording artist, writer and broadcaster. Christa is proudly Indigenous (mixed Cree and Scandinavian), disabled, queer, and a mom. We will also be joined by Donovan Gates, a mostly self-taught argillite, wood, gold, and silver carver. Donovan is a registered member of the Old Massett band from Haida Gwaii islands on the west coast of British Columbia and uses his artwork to reflect his Haida heritage.


ASL, LSQ, English/French closed captioning, as well as simultaneous French translation will be provided.