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November 24, 2021

So You Think You Can Grant?

Hosted by Cahoots Theatre Company

Aaahh!!!! We know all too well that there is almost nothing more intimidating to a freelance artist or producer than writing then hitting 'Send' on that very first grant submission! (And the second, and the third...) We want to help you over that hurdle. So You Think You Can Grant, created and co-led by Cahoots' managing producer and artistic director, Lisa Alves and Tanisha Taitt, deciphers project grant application writing and makes it possible for almost anyone.


  • The session will be held via Zoom
  • The session will be recorded
  • There will be auto closed captions available
  • If you need other access needs to be met, please let us know via the form where we will contact you to let you know if it is possible to make that happen for the session you signed up for
  • If you experience any technical difficulties with the form or during the sessions, please email lisa@cahoots.ca