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December 10, 2021

ArtStarts Ignites Artists-in-Residence

ArtStarts is hosting 3 early career artists-in-residence!

ArtStarts is a charitable, not-for-profit organization, dedicated to promoting art and creativity in young people’s lives. We focus on creating meaningful change where young people benefit most equitably and directly – in their schools and classrooms. By providing young people with access to arts-based learning experiences, we develop a generation that values the creative, collaborative and innovative skills necessary to thrive in the 21st century.

ArtStarts Ignites is a dynamic residency program that offers early career artists time, space, and resources to develop their artistic portfolio within an educational context. Since April 2019, our gallery team has been reimagining how we can develop our gallery space and public programs to exist in a hybrid context, with a strong emphasis on developing digital opportunities that can reach young audiences across the province.

To this end, from January to June 2022, we will be curating two digital and augmented reality (AR) exhibitions, launching virtual exhibition experiences on our ArtStarts website, facilitating digital programming through ArtStarts Explores, sharing digital performances through ArtStarts on Saturdays, offering digital learning opportunities to youth across the province, and creating dynamic residency opportunities for early career digital or digitally adaptive artists —like YOU!

This round, we are inviting applications from artists with a digital practice to join us for a 4-week residency program to take place between January-May, 2022. We are seeking 3 highly collaborative multimedia artists, videographers, photographers, graphic designers, and/or digital content creators of all backgrounds who approach their practice with an anti-oppressive lens and a passion for working with children, youth, and families.


As an arts organization aimed at working with young people, we have an important role to play in advancing and strengthening the values of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. As part of this active learning journey, we are taking a magnifying lens to our core programs and also taking a birds-eye view of ArtStarts as a whole and identifying how we can apply an equity and decolonization lens to our work. Social justice issues are no longer the responsibility of activist organizations, but instead a moral responsibility for all of us as human beings. Social justice through the arts is a powerful approach and now an integrated part of our work towards mission impact.

Staff are currently working remotely from home with the option of working from the office on a rotating schedule. When it is safe to do so, we expect to return to working from our office in downtown Vancouver. Accessibility details of our space are noted here: https://artstarts.com/gallery.