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November 19, 2021 - November 28, 2021

Art Holm no. 5

Art Holm is back and we are so excited to present three incredible works digitally on our website, and for a live audience, at The Output. Our digital presentation of the artists' work will be unique from the live performance. With U N' I Together Productions, Art Holm has paired each artist with a filming team to present their work with an artistic focus on that medium. You may desire to watch both live and digital! 

Live: Nov. 19-21 Digital: Nov. 21-28

Joanna Hawkins + Jordan Sangalang || theatre Tanja Faylene Woloshen || dance Rob Crooks with Gwen Trutnau || music


The venue is wheelchair accessible. The washrooms adjacent to the venue are gender inclusive.

Proof of vaccination is required upon entry, and masks are mandatory in all spaces of the building.

Sign Language Interpreters Emma Drury and Jordan Wynychuk will be present at all three live performances. We really hope to connect with you. It's going to be a special time.