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December 2, 2021

Holding Space for Disabled & Chronically Ill Opera Artists in Canada

Hosted by Opera Mariposa

Join Loose Tea Music Theatre and Opera Mariposa for the second session in our ‘Holding Space’ series, where disabled and chronically ill Canadian opera artists can network, foster dialogue and build community. Supported by ASL sponsor Tapestry Opera.

The 'Holding Space' series is open to Canadian opera artists, arts workers, creators and students (at home and abroad) who identify as disabled/living with a disability or chronic illness. This includes artists with invisible disabilities or health conditions, including mental illness; neurodivergent artists; artists with undiagnosed disabilities; and artists who aren’t sure whether they’re “disabled enough” to participate.


Automatic captions provided; ASL interpretation available on request by November 29th. This event is free.


Opera Mariposa

Opera Mariposa is a critically-acclaimed company dedicated to #MakingOperaAccessible. As Canada's first entirely, openly disability-run opera company, we create inclusive opportunities for emerging and underrepresented artists, and have been recognized as "[one of] Canada's key indie players" (Opera Canada Magazine). Since 2012, our mainstage productions have been hailed as "well-honed" (Opera Canada), "delightful" (Review Vancouver) and "a stroke of genius" (The Voice), while our annual Benefit + Awareness events have raised over $100,000 for charity to date. Our passion for accessibility has led us to offer a broad array of free community events and digital performances as well as subsidized tickets for underrepresented groups. We also bring audiences commissioned performances through our Repertory Concert Artist Program, and present interdisciplinary works through the Mariposa Theatre Wing. In 2019 we became one of the founding member companies of Indie Opera West, a collective of independent companies dedicated to fostering collaboration and innovation, building capacity, promoting equity and diversity, and advocating for the operatic art form across Western Canada.