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December 4, 2021

BEING Studio Snow Day Shop

Hosted by BEING Studio

The BEING Studio Snow Day Shop is back! Sales at the BEING shop are split between artists and the studio with BEING artists receiving 60% of profits. Shopping at BEING this holiday supports artists directly and keeps BEING running as a disability-led space in the community.

Prefer to shop in person? Save the date for Saturday Dec 4th, 2021. BEING studio is hosting the Snow Day Pop-up shop!

When: Saturday December 4th , 10am – 3pm. Where: 211 Bronson Ave, Room 304

BEING is taking precautions to make this event as safe as possible. Mask are mandatory along with proof of vaccination to enter the space. We will limit capacity during busy hours and encourage distancing throughout the event. Please follow signage posted at this event.

We're excited to see you in person or to connect remotely! Thank you for your support this holiday season!


BEING Studio

304-211 Bronson Ave, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Phone number: 6132348497

Email: studio@beingstudio.ca

BEING is a diverse community of artists with developmental disabilities. At BEING, artists have access to the space, the tools, and the representation to create and commercialize their visual art and creative writing.