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December 21, 2021

Designers for Installations

Launching in April 2022, artistic directors from across Toronto will be partnered with designers and collaborate to create distinctly theatrical public art installations for the outside of a selection of Toronto theatres. The project connects Indigenous, Black, designers of colour, LGBTQ2S+, and Deaf, Mad, designers with disabilities directly with Artistic Directors to form new connections, deepen existing ones and discuss the future of theatre in our city. 

With the current focus on social justice movements, the Canadian theatre community has shifted its lens towards an examination of culpability in a systemically oppressive and highly colonial sector. Call-outs, call-ins, statements of solidarity, change and silent work are all being done within our sector. Designing the Revolution seeks to engage in these conversations and push them further by inviting designers to the table. We don’t want to wait to be asked into the conversation, we are ready to respond and hold a critical lens up to our collaborators and ourselves to ask: Is it enough? What is the future of theatre for us? How will inclusivity change the public face and inner workings of your company? How are you centering diversity in your plans for the future? How would you claim or reclaim space at this theatre?

The ADC will engage up to 20 early-career or young-in-craft Toronto-based designers to turn this conversation into action. Our aim is to transform the reflection and discussions of the last two years into a tangible installation that says to our collaborators and audiences: We are here. We invite all who are interested to apply.

  • This project is specifically for live-performance theatre designers
  • This project is for early-career designers or recent theatre grads
  • If you identify as part of any or intersecting equity-priority groups

Applications due on December 21, 2021