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January 2, 2022

Indigenous Ways of Knowing

Hosted by National AccessArts Centre (NaAC)

We are excited to launch a new program focusing on local Indigenous histories, art practices and storytelling that is open to all National accessArts artists. Participating artists will meet weekly, with the option for in-person and online, for one year with a group of 8-10 artists and 2 NaAC facilitators. We will be inviting guest Elders and Indigenous artists to our meetings to share stories, ask questions and help us learn how we can respect the cultural practices of Indigenous people. An important part of this project is figuring out how we can share what we learn with the rest of our community. The group will help design and share their ideas with a local artist to create a book that will be printed at the end of the project.

The National accessArts Centre is looking for applications from artists who wish to take part in a collaborative, experimental and creative project filled with opportunities to meet with Indigenous Elders, Knowledge Keepers and contemporary Indigenous Artists.

What Does the Project Involve?

  • Attending in-person/online zoom meetings each Wednesday from 1pm – 3pm from Jan 19 to Dec 14, 2022
  • Listening to stories from invited guests and taking part in group discussions
  • Finding ways to share what we learn throughout the year with the rest of our artist community

Who is the Project Right For?

  • Artists who are attending NaAC Visual Arts programming and can come to the majority of the weekly meetings
  • Artists who would like to learn about Indigenous histories and art-making practices
  • Artists who want to share what it’s like to be an artist in Calgary

Deadline: Jan 2, 2022


National AccessArts Centre (NaAC)

8038 Fairmount Drive SE, Calgary, AB, T2H 0Y1, Canada

Phone number: (403) 253-3174

Email: info@ourIAC.ca

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