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January 30, 2022

ITAPI Call for Applications

Hosted by Video Pool Media Arts Centre

Video Pool Media Arts Centre (VP) has a call for submissions for Indigenous artists of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories that are working with various forms of audio-video, immersive technology (VR/360), and multimedia in their artwork and films to apply for a 2-week residency in Winnipeg, Manitoba between May 11 - 25, 2022.

The residency will be self-directed with optional guidance, direction, and presentations from established visiting artists. This residency opens up opportunities to explore the Winnipeg and surrounding areas in order to become more familiar with the arts and music scene by visiting galleries, venues, and arts locations around the city.

Eight artists will be selected for the residency through a juried process. All artists selected to attend the residency will have their flights and accommodations covered, all artists will be paid an honorarium of $500, and all artists will receive $50/day per diem. Video Pool Media Arts Centre will be closed to the public during the residency, and all equipment and facilities in the production centre, gallery and venue will be made available for residency participants at no cost.

Residency hosts are Casey Koyczan and Peatr Thomas, who will invite instructors and speakers to join for portions of the residency.

Deadline: January 30, 2022


  For more information, please contact info@videopool.org


Video Pool Media Arts Centre

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Email: info@videopool.org

Video Pool Media Arts Centre aims to inspire curiosity and creative expression through technological empowerment and open exploration in all media art forms, cultivating experimental artistic practices and accessibility to technology through presentation, production, preservation, and education. We house the largest collection of prairie video art in Canada, present work at the intersection of technology and art in our Poolside Gallery, and The Output, our A/V performance and rehearsal venue, provides new opportunities for performance based work. VP is Manitoba’s only artist-run centre dedicated to the exploration of technology-based art.