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January 15, 2022

Call for Submissions: Macro Digital Creation Project

Hosted by Eastern Front Theatre

Eastern Front Theatre is looking for imaginative theatre (and theatre adjacent) artists to help us with our next project: the MACRO DIGITALS. Last year we had a great time working solo on our Micro Digitals series, and this year we're doing it again, but BIGGER! Where the Micros had 20 artists working on 20 tiny digital projects, the MACROS will bring together 20 collaborators to create one giant digital/in-person hybrid project!

Have a great idea? Want to help a great idea come to fruition? We're looking for designers, performers, writers and digital artists of all kinds to come together in February and March to create a giant digital project that takes place in-person at Alderney Landing and online March 22nd to 27th.

The plan is to create a series of theatrical installations/performances that can be experienced by socially-distanced audiences members in a self-guided manner at Alderney, with an online component available for folks to experience from anywhere! Once again, we're looking for ideas that experiment with translating the essence of live theatre into a digital experience.

We're looking for interactive, high-impact, innovative, exciting and accessible ideas as well as collaborators that are keen to work with others to create a memorable experience for audiences in-person and online. Think: a giant black box theatre space transformed into a living digital theatrical museum with interactive and playful "exhibits" that flow together, allowing audiences to have experiences at their own pace and safely at a distance from any live performers or other audience members. How can in-person audience members engage with those engaging online? How can we blur the line between performer and participant? How can we tell a story with digital technologies?

Think and dream BIG!

Artists will be paid according to CAEA and ADC rates. Deadline to submit is January 15th.