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January 21, 2022

Graphic Designer

Hosted by Edmonton Fringe Theatre

The Graphic Designer contract position supports the creative execution of key elements of Edmonton Fringe Theatre’s visual identity. From print to digital to merchandise and more, this position collaborates closely with Fringe’s Marketing and Communications Department to execute bold, creative campaigns that tell Fringe’s story.

This position is directly supported by the Marketing Specialist, Communications Specialist, Artistic Director, and Executive Director.

Is it you we’re looking for? You’re a budding graphic designer and/or established freelancer who’s wildly passionate about telling great stories through compelling design. You have experience (or want to gain experience!) working in a variety of mediums: print, digital, merchandise, video, and more. You are an artist at heart who loves to collaborate. You love a good challenge and are awesome at meeting deadlines. You are a team player who takes initiative and can work independently. You are a creative problem solver who enthusiastically works with your teammates to find the best possible solution. You bring an open and positive energy to everything you do. You believe in the power of theatre and storytelling.

Application Deadline: January 21, 2022


Fringe Theatre is a relaxed work environment that supports both in-person and remote work options. We are maintaining safety mitigations in our work and performance spaces out of care for our community and will continue to adapt mitigations as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. Staff will be trained on all COVID-19 mitigations. We believe in care and kindness above all else – we’re all in this together.


Edmonton Fringe Theatre

10330 – 84 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, T6E 2G9, Canada

Since 1982, the Edmonton International Fringe™ Theatre Festival has been delighting, shocking, and surprising audiences. We were founded by Brian Paisley, who at the time was the Artistic Director of Chinook Theatre. Brian was inspired to develop North America’s first Fringe Festival after visiting the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe has been defying the norm since 1947, when eight theatre companies were denied admittance to an international festival. The companies teamed up and performed their shows on the fringes of the festival, hence Fringe was born. More than 200 Fringe Festivals take place each year across the globe. Of the 23 in North America, Edmonton’s Fringe Festival is the oldest and largest!