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April 30, 2022

Call for Submissions: XiR 2022 Artists in Residence

XiR is pleased to announce that submissions are open for our 2022 artists in residence.

XiR is a residency located in Toronto for emerging artists and arts practitioners. XiR emphasizes process and experimentation over artistic output, and encourages residents to respond to the needs of their practice, whether that be research, conversation, network-building, public programming, or a space to make new work. The residency will support this growth through mentorship, facilitating studio visits, and sharing the resident’s work on social media. Through this approach, the hope is that artists will have the opportunity to connect with arts communities in Toronto, and acquire the tools they need to grow their practice.

Once accepted, residents are invited to use XiR’s studio space that has been set up with all the amenities required for an artist to create work. XiR and our board will support the various needs of the artists throughout the duration of their residency. There are no minimum expectations in terms of artistic output or engagement, the emphasis of this residency is to support growth, rather than metrics. This residency will give emerging artists the support they need to find their space in local arts communities.

In 2022 we are accepting two Canadian residents, the first will be invited for June and July, and the second from mid-September to mid-November. The exact dates within these windows are negotiable. The applicants will be selected based on the extent to which they will benefit from the program, and their artistic skill. Local accommodations can be arranged for artists located outside of Toronto.

Applications are open until April 30th, 2022