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April 27, 2022

Tripping Across the Finish Line

Hosted by Intrepid Theatre Company

An audio play created and performed by Paul Tedeschini (Lantsville).

This audioplay transports audiences instantly into an immersive world, find a comfy spot, put on your head phones or play through your full stereo sound and let this story transport you.

The story of one man’s journey to realize his dreams in the city. From country mouse, to city rat, he trips into the world of clown, finds belonging, and his performer is born. The thrill of success is intoxicating until a dark passenger from his past starts to take control. With no choice but to face his grief and trauma, he dives headfirst into the depths of the ocean. There, he discovers the luminous power of love and humility.


 This online show is an auditory experience. 

Available throughout the festival, listen anytime, on-demand. For the optimal listening experience, headphones or earbuds are recommended, but if those aren't available, then a quiet listening environment is the next next, best option.


Intrepid Theatre Company

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Intrepid Theatre Company was founded in 1986 to produce the Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival. Almost 30 years later, our original mandate continues to serve the company’s artistic and strategic plans, and the development of a healthy theatre community in Victoria BC. in brief: To enhance awareness and appreciation of contemporary theatre, by encouraging, developing, and producing new and or experimental work for public performance, and the promotion of new artists and their work through theatre festival production.