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May 9, 2022 - June 13, 2022

Writer’s Greenhouse

It’s been a long, cold winter. What wants to happen now?

Spring gives us plenty of metaphors for new growth. There are the tiny green buds appearing on the tips of branches, the brave little sprouts finding their way through the mud. 

In this writing program, we’ll take that imagery inside and ask — who am I as a writer this season? And what is trying to emerge?

You don’t have to have any ideas before you show up in this room. You don’t have to have any idea what comes next. You just have to be curious, open and ready to ask what springtime wants to bring to your writing. Here’s how it works:

We’ll gather on Zoom for six Monday evenings at 7pm (Eastern Time) for 90 minutes. 

Each week, we’ll work through places where ideas come from — our curiosity, our frustration, songs that get stuck in our heads, memories that we never want to let go of, junk mail, overheard dialogue and so on.

We’ll start with an hour of short, quick writes, finding new access points for voice and stories while we carry our questions: Where is the energy? What just flows? What feels right today?

We’ll end each session with 20 minutes of delicious focused time to sink into something we’ve started to see where it wants to go, and then 10 minutes to hear a couple of the pieces that have been created in an “open mic style” sharing session.

These sessions are designed for people who:

  • Are looking for new access points to their creativity.
  • Want a light, no-strings-attached way to see what wants to bloom (and what’s already blooming) in their creative greenhouse.
  • Are fuelled by curiosity and the joy of the written word.
  • Don’t need a lot of instruction to get started writing; they are ready to hit the page running. (If you want a deeper process for finding your voice and material, check out our small group workshops, retreats, and coaching).

These sessions won’t give you:

  • Feedback on your writing. We reserve that for our small group workshops, where we can invest in safety, connection and trust-building.
  • Deep connections with other participants. Again, that’s where our small group workshops come in. This program is designed as a solo journey, shared with others.
  • Instructions on “how to write.” We don’t believe that anyone knows the “right” way to write, and we’re more interested in creating space for you to trust yourself and just do it.
  • Therapeutic interventions. All emotions are welcome here; we love a good cry. We will have an active listener at all sessions in case your emotional experience of writing becomes overwhelming. It’s important to note though that they aren’t a therapist, and so this may not be a safe space for processing deep trauma.


Closed captioning and active listening will be available for all sessions.