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April 29, 2022

Toronto Biennial of Art: ASL Tour at 72 Perth Avenue

The Toronto Biennial of Art (the Biennial/TBA) will present its second edition of the city-wide event from March 26 to June 5, 2022. The free, 72-day event, will include 23 new commissions at nine venues across Toronto and its partner regions.

Storytelling sessions combine modes of conventional interpretation with artist-led, narrative and embodied responses. Storytellers offer weekly guided sessions, informal conversations, and spot tours to intergenerational audiences at TBA’s main sites. Sharing personal insights and experiences of the city as well as offering perspectives on the artworks within the exhibitions, they guide visitors through the research and artist practices that form What Water Knows, The Land Remembers.

During the first weeks of the Biennial, we introduced our Storytelling sessions to the public as engaging, informative learning sessions appropriate for all ages. Our storytellers have each taken unique approaches to the traditional gallery docent role, and created child-friendly, interactive tours exploring the histories of each piece. One of the benefits of the Storytelling tours are the deep thought and generative conversations around the artwork. They are just as excited to share the artwork with you, as our Artists were creating each piece. Join us and book your tour today!

A select number of Storytelling Sessions will be accompanied by ASL–English Interpreters. Visit the Storytelling page on our website for more information. 

Storytelling Sessions are available on a drop-in basis. Are you a group of ten or more coming by for a specific session? Let us know! Email programmingandlearning@torontobiennial.org.


Wheelchair Access – Entrance From Bloor Street: The accessible path to 72 Perth Avenue’s main entrance runs southbound along the east side to Besi’s Auto Collision. Cross the street to the west-side sidewalk in front of the fencing and continue south 20 metres. Automatic door activation is to the right of the double doors.

From Sterling Road: Construction and lack of sidewalks are unfortunately an issue in this up and coming residential area. Travelling northbound, accessible pathways begin on the east and west-side of Perth Avenue. The main entrance of 72 Perth Avenue is at street level.

Outdoor Exhibition & Shelter A portable ramp is available for the doorway from the main exhibition area to the outdoor area. An alternative accessible path is through the fence opening on the west side, 30 metres northbound from the main entrance.

Washrooms Accessible washrooms are located to the left of the main entrance.

AODA-compliant building

More information about accessibility is available on the Toronto Biennial of Art website.

Please contact programmingandlearning@torontobiennial.org with any questions.